Farndon Fields Primary School

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Carlyannejeanneret Mon 11-Jul-16 10:09:59


We will be moving to the Market Harborough area over the summer and my son will be joining yr 2 at Farndon Fields Primary School.

Does anyone have any feedback on the school?

Would anyone with yr 1/yr 2 children be willing to meet in the park for a play date so that my little one will know a few faces before his first day at school next term? I'm so worried about moving him to a new school and I'm sure it would make all the difference if he could make a few friends before he starts.

Thank you.

SatsumasRock Sun 24-Jul-16 18:34:17

I know quite a few people with children at Farndon Fields. They love it

A good Facebook group to join is this one:


Harborough rocks btw. I love it. Hope you do too!

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