Moving to Leicestershire - Anstey?!

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Smckenry Mon 28-Dec-15 20:47:40

Hi Eveyone, my husband are currently looking to move to the area from Cirencester, Gloucestershire. My husbands job is moving to Atherstone, and we know absolutely no one in the area! We have seen some homes in Anstey, and at first glance we like the village and the proximity to Bradgate Park.
Does anyone know the village well? Is it a nice place to live? Is it one of the nicer villages in the area? We are TTC, so it would be nice to have other families around, and some things to do and people to meet once we do have a little one.
Many thanks for any comments!

OohQuack Fri 05-Feb-16 21:07:14

It's one of the nicer places don't worry 😀I'm over the road from Anstey in Glenfield.

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