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ramsdale Mon 31-Mar-14 18:25:55

Hi we are establishing a group specifically to look at issues concerning babies,children,and teens. It is being set up as a local service in Rutland. Its work is mainly done by volunteers who are part of the community and it is led by an Interim Steering Group. It is not an inspectorate, it is a listening and influencing organisation which it is hoped will become a respected voice of local people to those who deliver and commission health and social care services.
We will tell service providers about your concerns and hold them to account. We will represent your views to the Health and Wellbeing Board. We will report concerns about the quality of health and social care to Healthwatch England, our national body.
We, my colleagues and I would like to organise a meeting with any mums that can let us know what is going right in the area and what is not working, and possibly some things that are needed that do not exist at present.
We shall look out for replies and take things from there should there be any interest.

RutlandEd Fri 04-Apr-14 16:32:22

Hello, thank you for your post. You may also want to list it on the What's On section as it may be picked up by more people there

If you would like to email me with your contact details (so I can let interested people know) I would be happy to also tell parents via our Twitter feed and Facebook page.

My email address is

Best regards, Local Editor Rutland

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