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LocalEdLeicester Thu 03-Oct-13 13:34:06

I just wanted to introduce myself and my co-Leicester editor.

We are commited to getting the Leicester Local Site up and running, and want to have regular meet ups with a full Leicester Mumsnet social calendar (ambitions good, right grin)

We're getting busy initially by getting as many local listings as possible, so if you have an event, business or service you want other Mumsnetters to know about, please pop it into the listings. If you use Facebook, it would be lovely if you could like the Mumsnet Leicester page. Same for Twitter, follow us @MNLeicester.

If you have any thoughts and ideas for developing the site, or even want to be an ambassador, do get in touch.

just wanted to say hello I am a mum to a 3yr old little boy and also a maternity night nanny and babysitter we live in south leicestershire.

LocalEdLeicester Thu 10-Oct-13 16:53:52

Nice to 'meet' you eastmids grin

Have you listed the service on the Mumsnet Leicestershire site at all? It's free!

Do you work nights and then have ds in the day (feel exhausted just thinking about it!)

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