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Tilbobaggins Sun 19-May-13 21:02:50

Help! A job relocation means we have to move to Leicestershire within an hour's drive of Loughborough. Please could anyone advice on good primary schools and the best places to live? We do not know the area at all and time is not on our side with school places to find for three children by September. Any advice would be very gratefully received!

Wishfulmakeupping Sat 08-Jun-13 08:19:32

Hopefully someone will be able to advise I don't know Loughborough well enough to tell you about the schools but its a lovely area in general

YBR Tue 25-Jun-13 15:40:08

I'm not all that up on schools, but can you tell me primary/middle/high and I'll give some direction. Loughborough still has separate middle schools (11+) and High schools (GCSE years) although they are currently moving away from that.

We live in Loughborough itself, 10 minutes walk from the town centre which suits us very well. Loughborough is slightly overshaddowed (from the shopping point of view) by Nottingham, Derby and Leicester (all 30 mins away by train) which means it has stayed a market town and not too anonymous. It has a twice weekly street market, weekly "flea" (bric-a-brac) market and monthly farmers market.

The most popular area for family housing is the "forest side" of town which is between Epinal Way and the motorway, the schools there have a decent reputation. Assuming you are looking for at least 4 bedrooms, you won't find many options close to town, esp on the Railway station (east) side as it's mainly terraces with up to 3 beds. Some parts of town are dominated by student lets.

Further out there are a number of villages: Quorn and Woodhouse are considered expensive and posh, Mountsorrel varies - it has a council housing estate which I recomend you avoid and I'm not entirely sure how that affects the rest of the residents. Woodhouse Eaves, East Leake, Wymeswold seem reasonable places to live but I have no idea about the schools there. Slightly further north is West Bridgeford, a popular commuter area because it's within easy reach of Nottingham and Derby.

I hear differing opinions about Shepshed and Coalville. Coalville and the villages around do have pockets of deprivation - it used to be full of pits and there is now little employment there. Shepshed is a small town; I get the impression it's mainly housing with few shops and facilities. Could be wrong but the people I know who live there are back-and-forth to Loughborough lots.

sveness Fri 28-Jun-13 11:50:07

Hi I am starting up a Loughborough Fundraising Group for Marie Curie Cancer Care. I will be having an informal meeting on 30th July at approximately 7pm in Loughborough (venue TBC).

Fundraising groups meet approximately once a month and support our campaigns locally, such as collections in March and November, hold a blooming great tea party which is a great way of getting to know your neighbours and local community as well as organise their own fundraising event. Members become good friends through the groups.

Please let me know if this might interest anyone. I can be emailed or called 01604 442315 (Sally Veness, Community Fundraiser)


are you all right

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