Babysitting ring in Leicester- Free babysitting!!

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Mumfortoddler Mon 24-Sep-12 11:24:14

Hello Everyone,

I'm just moving to Leicester and I'm hoping to set up a babysitting ring with like minded mummies who can support each other.

I'm taking up a post as regional manager of a charity covering the East Midlands and I am hoping to move to Glenfield or Oadby (any suggestions gratefully appreciated!!) or some other very family friendly area with good transport links. I am looking for people that would like to do babysitting swaps. I can babysit on weekends and during evenings, and would like to swap this for occasional emergency nursery pick ups, emergency looking after my son in the event of illness and the odd evening or weekend. My DS is 3.5 years old and lovely!

I was thinking if we set up a babysitting ring then its a great way to save everyone oodles of money on babysitters and gives everyone a breather. Let me know if you are interested, by posting on here or direct messaging me!

Thanks folks, xx

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