Living in Market Harborough - would you need to drive?

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memphis83 Sun 01-Jul-12 09:50:50

sous the primary schools are very good in MH, there is a RC school, Fairfield rd (I went here a very long time ago), Ridgeway, Little Bowden and a new one on the estate near the train station. (well I say new...about 5 years old) I know people with kids in all of them and all love them, they are dotted all over the area so where ever you move you will be near a school, the newer estates are and the far reaches of the town so are a bit more of a walk into the town center. There is a new Sure start building that always has things going on and the pool (although its seem better days) PM if you want any other info, I live 10 mins away and all my family still live there.

sous Mon 18-Jun-12 21:58:14

Hello all, we are in the same situation as itsraininghens. We want to move out of London, and want to go to MH. Your messages here are so helpful. itsraininghens, have you moved? we are going to visit the area this weekend.
My main concern is schools. I have 2 children under 3, so need to move somewhere with a good state school nearby. Any suggestions of areas and streets? Thank you so much

OBface Tue 29-May-12 19:54:21

Having lived in the area all my life (bar university and a stint in London) I would definitely live in MH over Leicester...

It would be relatively easy to live in MH without a car, plenty of shops, parks, groups etc within walking distance. Does your DH drive? Would be useful for one of you to to get out and about to the lovely countryside at the weekend!

Great Bowden is a lovely village just outside MH with loads going on! Lots of ex Londoners move there.

Any other q's let me know. Very happy to help.

TinyDiamond Sun 06-May-12 18:21:13

If you'd consider Leicester rather than Market Harb it's great without a car and it is still only 68 mins on a fast train to London.

Mkt Harb is nice but you may feel a bit limited without driving as its quite a small place. How old are dc?
If you are considering Leicester as an option feel free to get in touch I know it really, really well and could recommend schools, nurseries, groups, days out etc for you to investigate

itsraininghens Wed 02-May-12 16:38:30

Memphis83, thanks so much for answering so quick! Early days at the moment, but will definitely contact you if it gets more concrete...thanks again

memphis83 Wed 02-May-12 16:30:28

Everything is pretty central, obviously the newer estates that have popped up are a bit more of a walk to the town center, there are lots of properties near to the train station and its about 5-10 min walk from town center depending how fast you walk, there are 2 primary schools quite close to the station, the new school (cant remember the name) and Ridgeway, then there is a middle school (welland park) and the High School (Robert Smyth) are both 10 (maybe 15 for a dawdling teen) from station in oppostie ways. Right near the Welland park there is an amazing park and lots of little ones dotted about, also the surestart center and skate park is there, there is a Sainsburys, small Tesco, Aldi, Lidl and a Co-op there and they are building a Waitrose again all dotted around town, the buses are great too the x4 goes to Leicester twice every hour.
If there is anything specific feel free to PM me, I have lived in and around the area for years!

itsraininghens Wed 02-May-12 16:23:08

Hello, after many years in London, we are thinking of moving to Leicester (DH has family there). I will still need to go into London on occasion, so we thought Market Harborough might be a good place to live.

My question is whether it is feasible to live there and get around by walking/public transport? I don't drive, and we are spoilt in London that our school, parks, toddler groups, shops etc are all in walking distance. Is it the same in Market Harborough? Is it possible to get to schools, shops, clubs for children, the station etc without a car? And where would be good places to live? It's early days and we'll be coming to investigate, but I thought I'd post here to get some local insight.

Thanks so much in advance.

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