wedding venues that don't cost the earth

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teacherinthemaking Thu 22-Dec-11 11:51:56

do you know of any nice wedding venues that fit appox 50 day guests and 100 evening guests that dont cost the equivilent of a house deposit?

Me and my fiance really want to be traditional and get married before we live together but our 'house deposit' savings look like they may all have to go onto our wedding.



TheProvincialLady Thu 22-Dec-11 12:00:21

I don't know how much the Guildhall costs but it is a nice venue and should accommodate that number. The Grand Hall at St Martin's House (next to the cathedral) is also nice. Not sure about costs though.

Do you want to get married or do you want a wedding? IMO it would be crazy to spend your house deposit on just one day. You don't need 150 guests to get married. You could have a much smaller, cheaper wedding and still keep saving for a house - you have the rest of your married life together for big partiessmile

teacherinthemaking Fri 23-Dec-11 21:15:16

thank you for those suggestions.
In reponse to your question we want to get married without spending ridiculous amounts of money- i compared it to our deposit because they are the saving we have, we would both prefer to use the money towards a house as apposed to towards a wedding, but at the same due to family number it isn't possible to have a wedding with less guests than previously specified.

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