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Elkieb Wed 02-May-12 07:33:28

Will see you there hopefully. Had to miss it yesterday as the Virgin broadband was buggered so had to wait in all morning, consoled myself with some shopping at FP in the afternoon!

TinyDiamond Tue 01-May-12 22:41:01

Have heard the one at Christchurch is v good but busy. I live v close but didn't bother due to rain.
I can recommend another lovely group for young babies for you it's called the baby circle and it is at birth talk in Knighton. They have a website.
I have plans the next 2 Friday mornings but will prob try st johns the week after and also weather permitting might go to Christchurch next week too smile

Elkieb Mon 30-Apr-12 16:56:12

And there's a session 9.30-11.30 on Tuesday at christchurch that I'm going to tomorrow for the first time. Feels like the first day at school tbh but I need to get out of the house!

Elkieb Mon 30-Apr-12 16:54:09

Oh, and it's a £1 a session smile

Elkieb Mon 30-Apr-12 16:53:15

It's 9.30-11.30, my boy is only 3 months old but someone was saying they went when their daughter was only a week old.

TinyDiamond Sun 29-Apr-12 18:01:42

I might see you there! What are the details- finish time/cost etc? Is there a minimum age, my dd is younger

Elkieb Sun 29-Apr-12 07:41:44

Went in Friday and it was really good, going to go this week if you're about?

TinyDiamond Fri 27-Apr-12 15:19:35

Oh I didnt know there was a group at st johns I might check it out too then smile

Elkieb Thu 26-Apr-12 23:08:46

I'm going to start going to the mums and babies group at St Johns church in Clarendon park at 9.30 on a Friday. Come too!

ketka Mon 28-Nov-11 06:56:57

thank you very much, I will do x

HushLittleBaby Sun 27-Nov-11 12:10:32

Welcome to Leicester! There are some brilliant sure start children's centres in Leicester. One in Wigston Magna and a new one in south Wigston so make sure you check them out. The library in Wigston does some story sessions too.

ketka Sun 27-Nov-11 11:31:21

Hello, just moved in North Kilworth, living with my bro-in law before we find ourselves somewhere to live, but in the meantime I'm going a bit insane as I'm spending all my time with my 19 month old toddler, he used to go to nursery 4 mornings a week while I does anybody know about good baby groups and nursery around wigston, blaby or oadby are? I'll also be very happy to meet other mums for a chat, coffee mornings....I'm here and going nowhere smile
Marketa x

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