Anyone in Leicestershire

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1980 Sat 09-Apr-11 22:04:45

Hi anyone in the Leicestershire area?

enjoylife Thu 21-Apr-11 21:40:35

Had a brill time,its a shame you all couldnt make it.But we all will have to do it again soon,Thanks doctorswife.
Im going to try and work out how to watch this thread now so i wont miss out on the next meet up.

Tinkerisdead Thu 21-Apr-11 21:44:39

under the blue banner that says mumsnet local - leicester there are subheadings
start new thread, watch this thread etc...

enjoylife Thu 21-Apr-11 22:00:11

Iv found it thanks.Still finding my way around this site.

DartsRus Sat 23-Apr-11 21:57:51

If anyone's having a meet-up in the Melton area sometime, I'd love to know, although I'm usually only free at weekends.

enjoylife Sun 24-Apr-11 17:17:12

Im only free sometimes at weekends,but please let me know just incase we can make it.

enjoylife Tue 03-May-11 15:40:16

Hi,is anyone up for meeting up one afternoon...Maybe park or mini monsters in Lough if you all can get there,or anywhere else.

tigermummy35 Sat 04-Jun-11 15:44:05

I'm in Syston and always looking for new mummy friends. I'm a SAHM, so free weekdays smile

tigermummy35 Sat 04-Jun-11 15:46:52

I should say that I have one DS who is 7 months.

therealmrsbeckham Sat 04-Jun-11 20:40:41

Hi Tiggermummy35 i'm in Syston too. I've got DD 10, DS1 4 and DS2 7 months.
I'm usually around on Tuesdays and Fridays if you want to meet up.

enjoylife Sat 04-Jun-11 21:09:08

Hi Tiggermummy35 and therealmrsbeckham,Im in Mountsorrel.Iv got a ds that 3 and dd 19wks.It would be great to meet up sometime.

therealmrsbeckham Sun 05-Jun-11 20:34:15

Hi Enjoylife, sorry i've not been in touch for ages. i'm back at work now sad don't know where the time has gone!

Would be good to meet up, let me know whn you are free.

enjoylife Sun 05-Jun-11 21:08:22

I would like to meet up,what days do you have of from work?

tigermummy35 Mon 06-Jun-11 18:10:45

I'm usually free Fridays too MrsB and enjoylife. Not this week though, but I think I'm free next week. Shall we PM our email addresses to each other? I'm Jen, btw grin)

therealmrsbeckham Tue 07-Jun-11 11:32:38

Yes i'm usually free tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings (all day Friday in school hols).

debcraze4 Tue 05-Jul-11 15:54:45

I'm new and based in Hinckley. smile

enjoylife Wed 13-Jul-11 23:13:19

Hi sorry iv not been in touch with anyone.Does anyone want to meet up in the next few wks.Be great to meet up one afternoon.I know afew of you are in Syston,so was thinking hobby horse.You only get an hr to play though,if anyone can think of anywhere better would be fab.

memphis83 Mon 01-Aug-11 21:02:18

Hi ive only just found you, can I join? I live in South Wigston, got a DS who has just turned 1.

DebbaDebbaDoo Thu 25-Aug-11 15:11:36

Hi to everyone. Can anyone recommend reliable/good/reasonably priced builder local to Loughborough area? smile

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