Thinking of opening a childrens play centre in Market Harborough

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ronnie104 Thu 07-Apr-11 23:27:33


My husband and I are looking into opening a children's play centre in Market Harborough, as our closest is Corby at 10 miles away.

We would be grateful for anyone's thoughts on this idea including what you would like to see offered at such a centre (play equipment for toddlers and older age groups, cafe, crafts, party rooms, toddler sessions etc).

Your ideas and thoughts would be a great help to us.


memphis83 Sun 26-Jun-11 22:29:06

Ive been on this site since I became pg and only just found the local area bit!!! My mum and I were only talking about this today that there is nothing for kids in Harborough anymore! A party room sounds great, as does a cafe! There is no soft play sort of thing in the area or anywhere you can have kids outside in a safe environment!! Hope your venture works out for you!!!

Izmirli Sun 07-Aug-11 18:54:30

It sounds like a good idea, have you got any further with your plan?

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