What's it like living in Coalville?

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SleepySuzy Fri 11-Feb-11 16:30:08

Hi, my OH has accepted a job offer in Coalville, so we need to move from Yorkshire. Can anyone tell me what it's like there? Any school recommendations for primary age, and any areas to avoid?

waxlyrical Fri 25-Feb-11 20:22:50

I would say avoid the town itself - some nice villages nearby though like Coleorton, Ravenstone, Swannington and Packington. Best primary schools seem to be Griffydam, Packington, woodstone and ugh area doesnt have any really poor schools. Need to think about secondaries though and the schools in Ashby have a better reputation so Ashby/coleorton/Packington area might be better as these are feeder schools for Ashby.

waxlyrical Fri 25-Feb-11 20:24:11

and ugh should read though oops!

tigermummy35 Sat 26-Feb-11 21:37:04

I'd definitely avoid Coalville itself and try for one of the villages. Lots of problems, too many to go into. Definitely look at the villages.

FourFingeredKitkat Sat 26-Feb-11 21:40:12

Wot tiger & WaxL said! Avoid the town, but the surrounding villages can be delightful!

oggybags Fri 01-Apr-11 12:56:57

I'm a bit late but AVOID its rough
villages locally much much better...

kazzy1717 Sun 24-Jul-11 16:39:26

Hiya we are also looking at Coalville two roads All Saints Road and Boylan Road can anyone give us some feedback on these roads please, is it safe for kids? is it a family orientated area???
Any help would be much appreciated

StuckUpTheFarawayTree Thu 15-Sep-11 16:57:51

Hi Kazzy. Just wondered where you ended up?

Molliesmum Fri 16-Sep-11 20:47:06

Hiya, I lived in Coalville town centre for nine years and it is fine. Friendly people and good circle of mums. Excellent nursey in Marlborough square. It is not as bad as people make out xx

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