LS15 Friends or groups?

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Vikky83 Mon 09-Nov-09 09:57:16

Hi All,

I am 25yo mum of 2 DD1 8 and DD2 7weeks.I am on mat leave from work and going mad in the house all day.

Anyone know of baby groups or anything at all that i can do with a baby in tow ?
Anyone want to meet for coffee ?

booboo78 Wed 11-Nov-09 01:16:34

Hi Vikki

I don't know if you'd be interested but my au pair (French, 23 years old) has just come to Leeds and is looking to meet up during the day as she has the dds when I'm at work so its best for her to meet with mums rather than her single friends

booboo78 Wed 11-Nov-09 01:18:37

Sorry forgot to say we are in LS14

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