Bin Strike

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aerobunny Sat 19-Sep-09 23:14:34

Hi has anyone got a clue when this bin strike is going to end. Not helpful with nappies....I think i'm going to swap to real nappies..(grin). I've heard Blue Pink & Green Baby Shop in Leeds have a large selection and very helpful. Has anyone else thought about swapping due to strike and which nappies have you chosen
thanks in advance for help

Feenie Sat 19-Sep-09 23:42:56

Sorry, my ds is just out of nappies, so can't advise, but can sympathise - it would be a lot worse if he wasn't.
I sympathise with the binmen's cause aswell, but would still like my bins emptied now!
Headingley is a tip - loads of bins have been upended by some comedians, it looks shocking.

LatinDAISYcal Sun 20-Sep-09 00:26:33

I have one in cloth and the other in dispos and our bin is starting to get rather nasty, inspite of DH doing a tip run last weekend. I'm thinking of putting DD back in cloth to help out since there doesn't seem to be an end to the stirke in sight.

But.....I know this isn't the place for it, but <whispers> I'm a nappy advisor in Leeds and would be happy to meet with you and run through various nappies if you like smile

I have CAT or you could email me on daisybump at yahoo dot co dot uk.
PS this is my strictly name; usual MN name is Lackadaisycal

craftynclothy Sun 20-Sep-09 00:42:40

Another nappy advisor wink - store name is my username.

I have dd2 in cloth and use a variety of nappies. Recommendations would depend on your circumstances - age of child, size, drying facilities, budget, etc.

I wish the strikes would end too. Despite doing loads to reduce our waste generally, our bins are about to overflow. Doesn't help that we've had extra rubbish lately with having dd2 (present packaging, etc.) and that dh forgot to put the bin out the week before the strike angry.

LatinDAISYcal Sun 20-Sep-09 01:10:49

I've seen your site before CnC, but didn't realise you were in Leeds smile

Nice to meet other clothies!

aerobunny Mon 21-Sep-09 23:23:06

Thanks everyone. Decided to take positive action. Bins are GROSS.... Went back to Blue Pink & Green Baby Shop, very helpful, spent loads of time with me.Got a set of Bum genius with one free and paper liners free. def worth a visit Loads of cool stuff.
Anyway set to cloth and wash now....yippee...(smile)

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