Fabulous Victorian villa for sale (Far Headingley)

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kirstieallsoppsalterego Sat 25-Apr-09 09:04:15

A long shot, this, but...

We're having to move to York in summer as our son has a choristership at the Minster - which means we have to sell our lovely house in Far Headingley (boo!)

It's an early Victorian semi stuffed full of original features (high skirting boards, deep cornicing, sash windows, stained/etched glass and so on). 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, downstairs loo/utility; big family kitchen/dining room; huge sitting room and vast cellars with full head height and light (accessed externally or through the house).

Good-sized enclosed rear garden, perfect for children! Off-road parking for two cars.

Fantastic location within walking distance of excellent schools (state - Weetwood, Meanwood C of E; private - Richmond House). Easy walking distance of doctors, dentists, shops, library, swimming lessons and Meanwood Park/the Hollies.

And, of course, it's in a community of absolutely lovely people, with loads of children from babies to teenagers. My DCs are four and six, and I can't walk anywhere in Headingley without meeting mums. It's the nicest community I've ever lived in, and I'm really sorry to be moving...

If anyone wants any more details/photos, please post here and I'll give you my email address smile.

dan39 Wed 10-Jun-09 23:29:05

gone by now I guess??

Kirstieallsoppsalterego Fri 12-Jun-09 22:11:41


It had in fact gone (sold to a neighbour), but the bottom dropped out of our buyers' chain, so it is now on the market again. It went on the market a week ago; we've had a number of viewings and have some second viewings lined up for next week - but no offers yet! You can see it here (I hope!)

LackaDAISYcal Fri 12-Jun-09 22:20:20

looks lovely smile

dan, are you in Leeds? or thinking of moving here?

Kirstieallsoppsalterego Fri 12-Jun-09 23:00:25

Thank you! We will be very sorry to leave it...

LackaDAISYcal Fri 12-Jun-09 23:48:39

actually lovely doesn't do it justice, it's pretty fantastic. and I can see why you are loathe to leave it.....although York is lovely as well.

Kirstieallsoppsalterego Sat 13-Jun-09 14:46:09

Yes, it will be very sad. Unfortunately we can't afford the equivalent house in York!!

dan39 Tue 23-Jun-09 22:12:24

Ooh gorgeous but way out of our price range sadly!! I hope you find a loving owner for it!

Hi Daisy how are you? We live in Otley at the mo but are at the end of a rental and needing to buy and tho I love Otley and want to stay here, dh is less keen so I need to look at where we can compromise on again (sigh!!)

Dottoressa Wed 24-Jun-09 09:14:30

Thanks, Dan39! We have our fingers crossed...

Can you persuade your DH to stay in Otley on the grounds that there's Prince Henry's school there once your DC get to that stage?!

Dottoressa Wed 24-Jun-09 09:15:33

(Sorry - I name-changed to Kirstieallsopp for this post!!!)

mistlethrush Wed 24-Jun-09 09:23:02

Speaking from personal experience, it is really lovely (I've been to coffee there) - and a great garden for children too...

tribpot Wed 24-Jun-09 09:23:58

Not keen on Otley? Is the man mad?

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