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Ruthie22 Sun 15-Feb-09 22:06:00

Hello there everyone!

I am new to this site and new to leeds so thought i would come and say hi!

am expecting my first little 'un mid march and due to give up work in a couple of weeks ('confinement' doesn't sound like much fun!) thank goodness there are sites like this!

TallulahToo Mon 16-Feb-09 17:09:26

Hi Ruthie, I've always lived in Leeds and it really is a great place to bring up the little ones. My DCs are in primary school and we never run out of places to go or things to do.

mistlethrush Mon 16-Feb-09 17:18:22

Which bit of leeds? North, south, east or west? We might be able to recommend appropriate places more easily that way!

BTW, there is a NCT sale on in Leeds on the last Sat of March - you would be able to get some things there if you're prepared to not get everything new - often there are cots (which you probably wouldn't need immediately anyway) - lots of bedding, and is a good way of getting toys etc that you only need for a short period before they grown out of them...

tribpot Mon 16-Feb-09 17:34:34

Hello! Lots of Leeds mums on this site, welcome to you. I'm in North Leeds, number 1 bus route!

mistlethrush Mon 16-Feb-09 19:37:01

Tribpot - me too!

tribpot Tue 17-Feb-09 07:39:48

Ooh realy mistlethrush, my nearest stop is the one before the end, how about you?

mistlethrush Tue 17-Feb-09 08:35:59

Yes - close to there. Just down the hill a little....

I wonder where Ruthie's got to - we must have frightened her off! blush

Ruthie22 Tue 17-Feb-09 13:23:38

Hey everyone, thanks for replying - how are you all doing?

am still not too familiar with the area (and have baby brain!) so not sure if it is north south etc but i live off north street about 5 minutes walk from town.. anyone from near there?

mistlethrush - thanks for the info about the NCT sale, always good to find some bargains (assuming i am not in labour that is!!)

any recommendations on places to go/how to meet people would be great as i haven't even had my antenatal classes yet because of my untimely house move!

nuttygirl Tue 17-Feb-09 13:53:03


I'm in Leeds too (Morley).

If you're planning on breastfeeding there's a couplee of breastfeeding support groups that you can go along to before having your baby. La Leche League do one and there's a baby cafe in Middleton too. There's probably others but not sure where they are.

There's antenatal pilates/yoga at at least one of the council pools (unfortunately not one that has a creche so I can't go). I think there's also aquanatal swimming classes. There's private antenatal & postnatal yoga/pilates type classes too.

Once you've had your baby there's lots of baby groups - the sort where you go and sit, have a coffee and meet other mums & babies - as well as various classes - things like baby massage, baby yoga, etc.

The nct do postnatal groups and coffee morning things too I believe. The nct group round here is held once a month but the other groups in Leeds seem to meet more frequently.

mistlethrush Tue 17-Feb-09 15:23:14

There's a friendly north leeds (Headlingley/West Park) NCT coffee morning group - and people are welcome to go along pre-birth too! I don't know where a nearer one is to you, but there must be one.

I did the NCT classes in Leeds and was very glad that I had done them - might be worth finding out?

There's a really helpful baby shop at New Road Side in Horsforth - Baby Direct - great help on pushchairs and car seats.

TallulahToo Tue 17-Feb-09 16:57:42

Ruthie - Seriously recommend a beauty salon in Oakwood (Roundhay Road) that does a mums to be pamper - Worth every penny.

missymoo2411 Thu 19-Feb-09 18:27:19

is there any meet mums arranged for south leeds as there never seems to be any ...

elkiedee Wed 11-Mar-09 20:36:43

Ruthie, looking at a map you're in very central north east Leeds. I would see if the council/health centre/library have any information on local children's centres and other groups/activities for babies. Otherwise apparently there's a lot of stuff on in Harehills and Chapeltown.

I don't live in Leeds but come from there and intend to move back.

DuchessOfAvon Fri 13-Mar-09 14:08:43


I'm up in Roundhay so can't be of much help about stuff in the centre of town.

There is a very good breastfeeding cafe at Moortown Baptist Church on Thursdays 1-2.30 where there are lots of new Mums. Its a great place to meet people and get support if b/f is what you intend to do.

Have a look at the Leeds Hub for Toddler/Baby groups but I think the NCT is probably a good place to start as they have coffee mornings all over the place.


JosephPetersmummy Tue 31-Mar-09 11:39:31

I am new to the site as well and a new mum. I live in North Leeds and would love to meet some other mums. If there is a meet up or any groups in the area you guys would recommend that would be great. Do you have a car Ruthie? Have you had your baby yet? I have been to the baby cafe in Chapeltown childrens centre on a Thursday morning 10-12. They do baby massage for free at 11.

MamaMawtus Thu 16-Apr-09 17:27:45

Hello there all mums
I feel slightly fraudulant on here as I am not yet a mum but should be within the next three weeks! I have just started my maternity leave and am all alone all day. I was/am a teacher so all my friends work all day and I am the first to sprog up. I moved to Leeds with my hubby and never knoew anyone before I started work so I have no contacts here of family. I am going a bit crazy. All the websites I check seem to be really old, even the baby cafe one and I don't know how many of the clubs/groups are still running. I would really love to meet up with some mums anywhere in Leeds. I have a car and baby and I will travel. I will try the baby cafe next thursday morning at chappletown and hope it is still running.
See someone there hopefully

craftynclothy Thu 16-Apr-09 17:38:40


I'm in Morley if you ever fancy meeting up (have a car so could travel but am a bit scared if I don;t know where I'm going blush). I have a 2 year old and am due in August.

If you're looking for breastfeeding support groups the La Leche League do one in Ilkley (and may do one in Leeds city centre too).

My username is my website and there's a contact page on that if you want to arrange to meet smile.

MamaMawtus Fri 17-Apr-09 09:38:45

Hello Crafty. I cant seem to find your website or contact page. I can come to you and meet you where you like if you want. is you page on this site or in the bigger web? I would love to get in touch.

craftynclothy Fri 17-Apr-09 09:53:18

If you google crafty n clothy you should find it. Would be good to meet up. smile

ilove Fri 17-Apr-09 10:07:24

I'm in Leeds too, LS20. Anyone else?

JosephPetersmummy Sun 26-Apr-09 20:26:37

I am in LS7 so if anyone wants a meet up I am up for it. I have a car and will travel. My son is 23 weeks old.

joanne10101 Tue 28-Apr-09 21:42:05

Hi im in ls13, and im also looking to meet up with anyone for coffee or lunch etc. I have a daughter who is 7 weeks old and my own transport. Im also interested in any groups in my area or Ls18 area.

BunnyLebowski Wed 29-Apr-09 15:54:46

Joanne10101 - I'm in LS12 (Armley) so am not far from you. I have a 6 month old baby girl.

I'd be up for meeting up for a coffee sometime if you fancy it smile

As far as groups go I think there's a breastfeeding support group (if this even applies!) at the Venerable Bede on Stanningley Road on a Thursday between 1pm and 3pm. I haven't been yet as have only had our car for a week!

I haven't found much else in my area so I've ended up joining a baby group in Horsforth and we're starting Sing and Sign this Friday in Headingley.

Ruthie22 Wed 27-May-09 14:36:56

Hi everyone - i started this thread in February in the hope of meeting some new mums but my computer died so i haven't been able to get on here to respond! hmm

I am now the proud mum of an 11 week old baby girl and the proud owner of a new laptop so it would be great if any of you are still up for meeting!

I am right in Leeds city centre (LS1) but i only have limited access to the car as my partner uses it for work.

Would be great to meet people for coffee/lunch and i am also hoping to start some post natal exercise classes if anyone is up for that?

DuchessOfAvon Sat 06-Jun-09 21:59:49

Congratulations on the arrival of your daughter. How are you getting on?

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