Anyone moving house and want some bubble wrap & moving boxes?

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Shayden Thu 20-Nov-08 21:51:47

I moved to the Leeds area a few months ago, but my stuff has just arrived from Australia... and boy was it packed well. Even the wardrobe and tall boy was wrapped in bubble wrap. Result was that all my stuff got here safe and sound, but I have got 3 moving boxes full of bubble wrap. Also a few boxes. I feel kinda bad chuckin em... Also it would take me a few weeks to cycle them though the bin.
Does anyone want it? Dont want anything for it, if you want it its yours, even if you only want some of it.

momov2 Sat 07-Feb-09 16:59:42

hi shayden. im moving house soon and what you've got sounds great.
where in leeds are you ? im in roundhay at the moment but am moving to crossgates.

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