Multicultural areas of Leeds

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Catie500 Mon 13-Mar-17 10:03:26

I've just recently (Dec) moved to Leeds from London with my husband and son and am currently renting in Wellington Hill/Whinmoor just off the ring road until we find our feet in Leeds.
We live in a really lovely area but it is predominantly white. My husband is French Caribbean and we have a 13 month old dual heritage little boy. We have lived in really multicultural places before, Leicester and London, and are looking for somewhere like that in Leeds.
Harehills is just down the road from us but I've heard all sorts of horror stories about Harehills, not to mention the three murders there that were on the news recently, so I am a little bit anxious about the area to say the least!
Someone also mentioned Holbeck to us but again, historically, it hasn't got a great reputation.
Can anyone offer any advice please?
Thank you smile

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