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alt17 Wed 08-Feb-17 11:23:09

Hi, I'm Amy, 22 and have a lovely little 4 week old baby girl, we will be looking to meet up in a few weeks once she has had her jabs with someone who enjoys a good natter over a cuppa and cake. In the LS12 area but can travel if necessary 😊 X

Sinead08 Sun 26-Feb-17 20:46:46

Hiya im 24 and my little girl is 3m would love to meet up! Live in bramley but cant drive yet... got my test soon! X

alt17 Mon 27-Feb-17 07:45:38

That would be great! Which part of Bramley are you in? Could arrange to meet closer to you until you pass your test maybe x

MamaPalama Fri 17-Mar-17 23:15:09

Moving to Leeds Headingley/Shire Oak/Woodhouse area. Am a single professional Mum of two amazing adopted Beans aged 5 (in a fortnight) and 7. The Beans will both be at Shire Oaks Primary and I'll be working in the City Centre as well as regionally.

Are there are any working Mama's out there who be up for making friends and having play-dates and sleepovers (once we get to know one another obvs) etc? We are DBSd etc and owing to the children's background it's nice for us to know other people are, too. My children don't have any behavioural or emotional issues and are incredibly well adjusted but I'd hate to expose them to any further risk.

I'm also up for starting a babysitting circle - I've had one here in Manchester we basically take turns in having all the children to give each other an evening, night, day (and as we are all now good friends) even a weekend free. Most holidays we do something similar by mutual arrangement which gives everyone a break during the summer hols and the kids love it! Surprisingly it is easier having four or more than two as they all occupy each other. The children are like brothers and sisters now! Get in touch if you'd be interested in joining.

Looking forward to meeting you!


The Bean Family
(Mama Bean, Runner Bean (M: 7) and Little (Jumping) Bean (F: 4/5)

PS anyone know where we can carry on with our swimming lessons and also a ballet and tap school that does exams etc. Thank you :-)

LocalEditorLeeds Tue 28-Mar-17 15:30:53

There are some great suggestions here already, there is also a group for meeting mums:

Wednesday 5th April 9.30-11am
Leeds crown point mothercare
Ls10 1ew

Enjoy a free drink in our cafe while meeting other Mums and Dad's in the local area. They is No need to book just turn up on the day.

More details can be found on our facebook page too.

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