Women Not Welcome!! - Barber Barber UK, Albion Place, Leeds

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Amanda111 Tue 26-Jul-16 17:51:12

Whilst in Leeds this afternoon with my 16 year old son we called into Barber Barber for him to have a haircut. I've never been there before and it looked a nice place - but beware!! I left my son to have his haircut and returned 30 mins later - haircut nearly finished. I was just about to take a seat when I was asked to go next door for a complimentary coffee. I do not drink coffee so thanked them but turned down their offer - I was then told that I could not sit in the waiting area as it was for customers only and they get very busy. I turned around to look at the waiting area expecting to see a queue out of the door but no, there was just one guy waiting for a haircut! I suggested that as I was paying for the haircut I felt that I was the 'customer' and as there was plenty of room to sit down and literally 5 mins to wait for my son, I would sit in the waiting area. I was then told that it was shop policy that no women were allowed to wait in the shop. You can imagine my disgust and I refused to leave and asked to speak to the shop manager. At this point they went back to cutting hair and left me sat in the waiting area! Does this company really expect that women will be happy to wait outside whatever the weather and then be summoned inside to pay!!

TheBucket Tue 26-Jul-16 19:09:56

It's for "scoundrels and gentlemen" apparently. Sounds ridiculous in this day and age!

NotTodaySatan Tue 26-Jul-16 19:16:14

They've done similar before. It was all over the news. Which I imagine is exactly what they're aiming for.

Just don't go back.

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