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elk4baby Fri 08-Apr-16 18:09:03


I've just broken a disc in my back, so am unable to drive at all at the moment (and for about 4 weeks). Because of this spinal injury, I won't be able to lift anything remotely heavy for the foreseeable future - hence need to get an extra light buggy for my 8 week old baby.

I've found the perfect pushchair... but it's in Leeds (I'm down in Kent, so aobut 4 hour drive away). These buggies are hard to come by, so I have very little choice (new they're extremely expensive, we simply cannot afford it).

The buggy is small and very light so could be sent very easily. However, seller is refusing to accept a courier collection :-(. Hence my plea to you mumsnetters local to Leeds:

Is there anyone out there close enough to the seller, who who'd be willing to collect it and send it on to me? I'm happy to compensate you for your time and any packaging cost, of course.

The collection location is LS26 0HT.

Thank you all in advance!!

LocalEditorLeeds Wed 27-Apr-16 09:37:02

Hi Elk,

I have sent you a private message smile

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