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Hadda1973 Fri 05-Jun-15 01:16:05

Hi we are a family of 3 moving from Iceland to somewhere around husband will be working at the airport, so we are looking at places within easy reach. We don't want the city live, more for the town/community feeling, but not too small, has to have some shops, restaurant and things going on. We have been looking at Harrogate, Horsforth and Headingley. We will be renting in the price range of 800-1000p a month.
My biggest concern is the school system. I´ve been trying to understand it and what to look for, my daughter is 14, (going to Yr10 I guess). I know it´s not the best timing for her to enter the school system and we are also late to apply, but this just came up so we have to make it work.
If I understand it right, there can be a difference between schools regarding academic standard. It´s enough stress for her to change countries and schools, so we are looking for a school less strict...if you get what I mean.
Also what is the difference between grammar, high school and college ?
Are there any international schools in the area ?
All suggestions regarding the towns and schools are appreciated as this is happening very fast !
Thanks :-)

whatsthatcomingoverthehill Tue 09-Jun-15 22:58:50

Grammar schools are confusing because some of them you have to pay for, some are academically selective and others aren't really different from high schools. High schools vary a bit in reputation. You can get some idea from looking at Ofsted reports. Colleges tend to be for 16+.

I live in Horsforth which is very close to the airport and the local high school is supposed to be good. I'd have a look at Otley - relatively small town but lots of pubs, some restaurants, lovley countryside, and the school (Prince Henrys) is good. In Harrogate St Aidan's is a very good state school. If you want and can afford to pay then there are various private schools around.

Hartley73 Sat 13-Jun-15 06:10:39

Depending on what time he is working at the airport traffic to and from Harrogate can make a long journey. To be honest though I think if you are looking at state schools I'd check out offsted reports and speak to leeds council to see where places were free and then pick my area after that. Good luck

newnickname1234 Sun 14-Jun-15 15:34:07

OP, I have PMed you.

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