considering a move to otley

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Yorkshirelass444 Thu 28-May-15 19:08:51

Hi there,
would really appreciate any info on life in Otley.
Our son (age 8) will be in year 5 next september so we're starting to consider high school...and our local isn't great, so we'll definitely need to move!
From what I hear, Prince Henry's is a great secondary school- I'm pretty convinced of that so, really, it's all about area.
we're in our 40s but very unwilling to grow up! we like the idea of pubs/live music/coffee shops/festivals...stuff going on basically. we've previously lived in the outer suburbs of leeds and it wasn't for us. we currently live in chapel allerton- an inner suburb of leeds- which suits us perfectly right now but- as i say- secondary school will be an issue.
my partner loves the great outdoors, sport and reading; I love sewing, reading (mainly 19th century fiction) and general arty stuff. my son's into sport and my daughter (6) likes art- could otley tick our boxes?!
in terms of finance, we could afford a nice terraced house in otley and i'd prefer this to a grander house on the outskirts (which we couldn't afford anyway!)
thanks for any help!

Yorkshirelass444 Mon 01-Jun-15 10:21:15


whatsthatcomingoverthehill Mon 01-Jun-15 11:01:53

I don't live there, but really like Otley from what I've seen of it. Especially for outdoors stuff. But it's perhaps not as 'happening' as Chapel Allerton, or rather, the stuff going on is a bit different. If you found the suburbs boring I'm not sure Otley is that exciting necessarily, but you would be close enough to wander in for the pubs/coffee shops etc.

Yorkshirelass444 Mon 01-Jun-15 13:40:47

thank you for responding! it's a good point and i'm lucky that i have plenty of time to make a decision so will try to find out exactly what does happen in otley and whether it floats my boat! appreciate the insight.

Felix90 Thu 04-Jun-15 23:02:53

It sounds like Otley would be a change for you compared to Chapel Allterton but it still sounds like it would be up your street. Close to Ilkley too which has a lot going on. I moved from close to Leeds city centre to Baildon at the end of last year and there's so much to do, you just have to seek it out (I have the same sort of interests as you grin).

I would recommend doing a few trips to Otley and surrounding areas to get a feel for it.

Haarlem Sat 06-Jun-15 13:20:15

Carr Manor Community secondary is a good school

Haarlem Sat 06-Jun-15 13:21:00

Oops, posted too soon. It's in chapel allerton.

LoveShirleyHenderson Fri 12-Jun-15 13:47:11

Hi there- I changed my name- it's actually "YORKSHIRE LASS" here, the OP!
But I'm not a yorkshire lass, so i changed my name!
Apologies, i didnt realise folk had posted here- just stumbled across it.
Anyway- thank you so much, Felix- that's what i was hoping to hear! i realise Otley is not the city but i get the feeling that there may well be like-minded people- and it has a north bar, i notice- great!! (she says having last had a night out in 2014!)
Thank you, Haarlem- i'm kind of aware of carr manor but i don't think it's the first school we'd get allocated neighbour's child went elsewhere so i'd have to be careful!! but i'll def look into it, cheers.

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