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moop136 Tue 17-Feb-15 11:57:03

Hi, I am mum to a 28 month old girl and a 16 week old boy. Maternity leave so far has been pretty similar to the first! Getting snowed in for weeks, still not driving, and not having the disposable income to go to every class going (although my husband believes most of the classes are a way of just getting money out of people, baby bonding? Shouldn't have to pay to be shown how to bond!?) etc.
Have tried a few groups locally, but they can still be quite cliquey, and sometimes a little judgemental that I have stopped breast feeding. Anyone out there who is Pudsey or Farsley way, who enjoys the park, walking and going to libraries and soft play centres with their little ones? Also, any mums of 2 or more with some advice on toddler issues? My little girl is going through some serious changes, and she unfortunately bit both me and my husband on Friday. Sorry for the ramble! x

Limpetsmum Wed 18-Feb-15 23:17:57

I've got two. My eldest started biting soon after my second was born. It lasted about 6 months unfortunately. I found it really difficult to manage because he only ever bit other kids (never his brother or us) therefore had to manage it in public (as it was always in the company of others whether soft play, toddler groups etc).
I read a toddler advise book and it made me realise that his biting was all about attention - if he had my attention he was fine, if not, he played up. I changed my parenting style and I kid you not, he stopped biting from that day. Never looked back. Either it was the change in parenting or that old chestnut of 'it's a phase, they grow out of it'.

As for meet ups have you tried toddler groups? Mucky monkeys at Kirkstall museum is free on a Friday afternoon. Leeds art museum used to do a free toddler art session once month. And costa coffee/star bucks is often a good place to meet mums looking for company! - 50p for a babychino! Meanwood farm is fairly cheap (£20 annual membership), lots of mums go there with little ones.
I remember the difficulties of balancing two - it gets easier, I promise!

hollyhoward Fri 06-Mar-15 20:02:42

I know it's been a while since you posted this, but I'm in complete agreement about the cliquey toddler and baby groups. Absolute nightmare.

Lozamoza9 Thu 16-Jul-15 13:39:31

Hi, I've recently moved to Farsley/Pudsey area but also work in Pudsey. I'm on maternity at the moment and haven't really joined any groups. I have a 3 month old little girl and enjoy walks, always at Asda hahaha. It would be nice to meet other mums in the area.x

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