Tingley...thoughts on the are and the schools??

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CastleKeeper Sat 01-Jun-13 22:06:13

My son attends Westerton Primary school in Tingley. It has been for quite some time Outstanding on Ofsted and I also work in the school.

It is fairly cut throat to get in as you can imagine, there is no catchment per se but despite a 90 pupil intake it is always oversubscribed.

The cut off is usually around less than a mile. Westerton feeds into Woodkirk Academy but Morley Academy is better, it is Outstanding.

Both Tingley and Morley are near to both the M62 and M1 so it is great for commuting anywhere. Tingley although Wakefield has Leeds telephone dialing of 0113 and Westerton comes under Leeds Education.

Other primaries worth note are Hill Top and East Ardsley, Blackgates used to have a lot of traveler families but that may well have changed.

Crazybit Sat 04-May-13 22:01:47

We're looking at moving to Tingley. I have secondary and primary school children.

What do people think of the schools and the area?

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