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Youremindmeofthebabe Thu 20-Sep-12 13:12:34

hi! I'm looking for a wedding dress shop in the Leeds/ Bradford area that isn't wildly overpriced and has a nice range of styles/ friendly staff. I've not been anywhere yet as I'm a bit scared! My budget is around £500.

DawnOfTheDee Thu 20-Sep-12 13:17:30

I looked round about 4 or 5 places and the best one by far (with the nicest staff) was The Bridal House on The Headrow. They have mad, spangly dresses in the window but actually have a very wide range of stuff in the actual shop.

They usually have some stuff on sale so prices range from £250 - £1,500.

I went in Caroline Castigliano on The Headrow too. Horrid snooty women who 'sold' their dresses (which were nice but v expensive) by slagging off all the other bridal shops.

Congratulations btw!

DawnOfTheDee Thu 20-Sep-12 13:18:43

I got my dress from The Bridal House I should've said. Gorgeous dress, v traditional - cost £1k but my second choice dress was £550.

Youremindmeofthebabe Thu 20-Sep-12 13:25:11

Ah, thanks! That's what I'm a bit wary of, snooty women! <wuss>. I shall give them a ring to make an appointment. Thanks!

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