Good Primary and Secondary Schools Close to University of Leeds

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brandnewnickname Sat 01-Sep-12 20:20:35

Hi Sanpandy. I just wanted to echo the previous poster's warning about the catchment for Horsforth School. It tends to be massively oversubscribed with the result that you generally need to live quite near to stand a chance of getting a place. By way of example, we live just under a mile from Horsforth School and my son has got a place there. However, I know a family who live more than a mile but less than two miles from the school who did not get a place. Another point to be aware of is that catchments for Leeds schools are not fixed, they will vary from year to year according how many people apply for places each year, so how near to the school you need to live to get a place there will vary from year to year. I don't know whether it is easier to get a place for a pupil who is switching high schools rather than starting in year 7, but if you do set your heart on Horsforth, you should research carefully where to live.

Feenie Fri 31-Aug-12 07:45:19

Roundhay School is also good.

Sanpandy Thu 30-Aug-12 22:53:09

Thanks lon! I think I would collapse from walking an hour each way!! for cycling! haven't been on one of those since I was 10!.. I guess if Roundhay isn't on a bus route, I will have to look elsewhere.

Feenie: I like the sound of Chapel Allerton and It seems that finding a good primary school isn't too difficult..BUT the challenge is to find a GOOD secondary school that is also nearby. Allerton Grange Secondary School didn't have good reviews..but Allerton High did.

This is not gonna be as easy as I thought!!

Feenie Tue 21-Aug-12 14:52:57

Chapel Allerton: St Matthew's, Chapel Allerton and Carr Manor Primary all have very good reputations.

longrob Tue 21-Aug-12 13:51:08

I would seriously consider living near enough to the University so that you can walk. Otherwise transport costs will really add up.

I'm a graduate student at the University of Leeds. I live in Roundhay and I normally walk to the University - it takes me just under an hour, but I am a fairly fast walker and I do it for the exercise. If I drive then it takes about 15 mins if I go before or after the the rush hour, or about 30 mins during the rush-hour. A friend who lives nearby cycles and it takes him about 30 mins.

My kids go to Talbot Primary which we feel is great. Moortown Primary is also nearby and very good, I hear. Roundhay school (a secondary school) is close and I hear good things about it though I have no direct experience.

If Roundhay is a bit far for you then I can also highly recommend Chapel Allerton - which is about 30 mins walk to the University. However, I don't know much about the schools in CA.

Hope it helps !

MissKeithLemon Fri 17-Aug-12 08:49:42

It's a lovely area san! Although I may be a teeny bit biased wink

The bus service to Horsforth is very good actually, my dd uses it sometimes, but you need to be careful of the Horsforth School catchment area if you decide to live in Kirkstall. I'm right on the edge of it and don't know any kids further from the school than us.

Beecroft is lovely from what I've always heard! The mums I know with dcs there are happy with it anyway.

Good luck with your move next year, I came here temporarily 12 years ago grin

Sanpandy Thu 16-Aug-12 22:40:06

Thanks all...We are not even Catholic! Its just that I went to a Catholic primary school and a Catholic Girls Secondary School and my kids have followed in my footsteps (or maybe, I made them walk in it! lol) I guess thats why I was leaning in that direction. I have NO problem sending them to any good school!

Secondary Schools
Horsforth! I like what I see! and Its on a bus route too!
Cardinal Heehan certainly looks like a good choice too...I hope that maybe the Catholic School references from here in Jamaica will count!

Primary Schools
Sacred Heart has a 2010 Ofsted...and the reviews are not so good. Beecroft is definitely the "hot" school!

It certainly looks like Kirkstall is a good location to anchor in! Am going to start contacting schools for more info now.
I could not have gotten such good information without you all!! Thanks a Million!!

MissKeithLemon Thu 16-Aug-12 20:02:30

San Beecroft is a very good school, as is St Stephens C of E just down the road which is a feeder primary for Abbey Grange. You are right about Abbey Grange it is a good school, but very hard to get a place without relevant C of E references. It's the only C of E school in Leeds district and very popular. Most of dd's primary classmates go there, but in my opinion Horsforth is way better academically and otherwise, so I'd still recommend that one over Abbey or Cardinal H!

Also, there is Sacred Heart primary next to Beecroft which is a catholic primary. I believe that pretty much all the kids there get places at Cardinal Heenan secondary, with funded transport, ie a free school bus (that picks up on Argie Ave.) You'll need good catholic references for that one.

I'm in Kirkstall so if you need to know anything else about the area, just ask!

Feenie Thu 16-Aug-12 19:44:46

Abbey Grange is c of e though - you said you wanted a catholic secondary on your other thread?

Headingley and Meanwood have some excellent schools, and are near to Cardinal Heenan which is a decent Catholic secondary. Not too close to Argie Avenue though, about 2 miles away

Sanpandy Thu 16-Aug-12 18:20:04

Thanks Misskeith and Vigglewiggle for replying!!
I really really appreciate it! it is such a relief to even begin to get a feel for where to look!
My initial thought was to find somewhere thats a good midway point that transportation costs wont kill us.Unfortunately as an international student, private schools are out of the question (unless by some miracle, I get a scholarship for the kids too!) so public schools it is.

I am also thinking about applying for Grad student housing, which from my research is located near Kirkstall (Argie Avenue?) . I see a school called Beecroft Primary nearby and Abby Grange..Beecroft has EXCELLENT Ofsted reviews..and Abbey Grange isnt bad. they got a 2 from the Ofsted review. My high schooler saw Pudsey Grangefield and fell in love with it based on the website, but it just seems too far from the google map. I fell in love with The Grammar School of Leeds but thats dreaming!! lol!

But with thats said, If I find affordable housing for the three of us on the outskirts, I am open to that too! I will look at Headingley, and Horsforth.
I dont come to Leeds until March next year, and the kids wont join me until next september, but I know research and making the best decisions (and applying to schools) take time, so I hope I am on to an early enough start.

vigglewiggle Wed 15-Aug-12 22:56:16

Leeds University is in the centre of Leeds. Will you be accommodated there? If not, where will you be living? Are you looking at state or private school? Give some more info and I will try to help you further. In the meantime-

Headingley (popular with staff and students) and Roundhay (more for staff) are both good areas with a mix of good state and private schools.

Congratulations on your new job and on getting to live in Leeds - it is a great city.

MissKeithLemon Wed 15-Aug-12 22:53:20

Will you choose where to live based on school location San? Or are you looking for schools close by to where you will be studying, if you know what I mean?

If its the former, I would suggest Horsforth maybe. It's a lovely village on the outskirts of Leeds with good transport links into town and the Uni areas. It's also got a fab high school and several really well thought of primaries.

Sanpandy Wed 15-Aug-12 22:43:17

Hi everyone, I am moving from Jamaica to study at the University of Leeds in a few months and need as much help on finding a good primary and high schools (secondary schools) for my two girls. My 8 year old is going into grade 3 and my 12 year old is going into grade 8 in September.

I know nothing about Leeds or distances, so good tips on neighborhoods and schools close enough to the University are desperately needed! HELP!!

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