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Laushan Wed 01-Aug-12 19:36:26

We are looking for some flexible help with childcare, in the form of early morning nursery drop offs and evening pick ups. Our son is 14 months now and really loves nursery so we don't want to move him but our jobs mean we will struggle on some days with the nursery run (but not others). We don't want to pay for hours we won't use, when we can spend time with our son ourselves. We should be able to predict several weeks in advance what days we need when.

Does anyone have any suggestions how we could achieve this....or know anyone who could help? Thanks

CallumMsMummy Mon 06-Aug-12 20:08:22

I think you would be best with a nanny, some childminders may be able to be flexible but probably not many. Or maybe a creche but they're usually open shorter hours and you're not always guaranteed a place!

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