roundhay mummies advice please:)

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KathieC Wed 18-Jul-12 20:47:12

we are considering a relocation to the roundhay area and are trying to think long term in terms of education, as we have our first primary app this winter for sep 13, how well regarded are the secondary schools in the area I am particulary interested in roundhay. Are there many toddler/pre school groups in the area, I can drive but am keen to walk. I really want to make sure that we are moving to an area where we can get involved in the community. I would use the park lots but am worried about what to do when it rains ( apart from tropical world) and am wondering if there are any play dates meet ups like NCT, I saw there are nice cafe s on street lane, which look great after a big runaround in the park, we re hoping to meet lots of nice mums and friends for my little ones. Our other alternative is guisley as I think that it may be easier to get involved in the community, but we are moving from London and I am wondering if roundhay would suit us better as am more used to living in a big city..
very confused, much appreciate any thoughts/advice

Leena49 Mon 23-Jul-12 02:59:41

Hi just read this but may be able to help. I have 2 daughters, one 12 one 6 we live here. Roundhay covers a wide area so depends where. Toddler groups fitzroy drive, Springfield Methodist church, a few others also, just off Shaftesbury ave at church.
Im not an nct person but it's well established in roundhay certainly.
My oldest dd goes to roundhay it's excellent. She loves it. Don't assume the catchment area is in a circle though. They are building new primary which is feeder primary to roundhay now.
I have friends live in guisley and roundhay. Personally roundhay school better than Benton park. Things to do in rain well you are close to cinemas and entertainment here. I think this is best area but I'm biased.

charliejess22 Sun 05-Aug-12 15:10:50

Roundhay has loads to do for the kids, lots of playgroups and the primary schools are really good. Roundhay High has a good reputation but people also send their children to Boston Spa and Rossett (in Harrogate). I would also say Shadwell, Horsforth and Adel are lovely areas too! Anymore questions, just ask! I know lots about Roundhay smile I would say Roundhay is more accessible for everything than Guisley too.

CallumMsMummy Mon 06-Aug-12 20:13:43

We live near Guiseley and it's fab. Good transport links, a decent sized supermarket, retail park and a few nice restaurants/ bars etc. There's a lot to do with parks, a soft play centre (and 3 others less than a mile away), a farm in Yeadon, the leisure centre/ swimming pool, good schools (there's Guiseley High School as well as Benton Park) and there are a lot of toddler groups/ meet ups/ community events in Guiseley/ Yeadon/ Menston/ Otley. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Minchermomm Tue 13-Oct-15 12:41:47

Hello KathieC - really interested in your post as i now find myself in the exact same position as you were two years ago! We are def moving to roundhay, and have seen a great house in the oakwood side of roundhay... but not sure if this will allow us to fully enjoy roundhay? (quite a trek to street lane)
Its a very daunting move as we have a great network of friends around us in London... Did you end up moving to Roundhay?? How are you getting on?

SeesawMarjorieDaws Tue 13-Oct-15 12:51:34

I doubt that the OP of such an old thread will see this and reply. I'll try to help though wink. I live in Roundhay and love it. Don't worry about not being close to Street lane in Oakwood - Oakwood itself has a nice little shopping area that has improved a lot recently. There's a couple of nice bars, a few cafes, card/gift shop (where I always get my cards from!), a milkshake bar (!), and a nice paint-your-own-pottery place if you have kids. They have a farmers market at Oakwood Clock once a month which is popular. In many ways although the shopping area around Oakwood is smaller, it's more interesting than Street lane these days! Good luck with your move.

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