TVT Advice Please - has anyone had it done and results?

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LeedsYummyMummy Sat 23-Jun-12 14:09:44

Hello, I am new to Mumsnet and have been suffering from urine incontinence since the birth of my baby 2 years ago. I have had the Urodynamics test which concluded that I have severe stress incontinence and have been having physio for around 4 months doing Pelvic Floor Exercises with electrical stimulation (probe) which has improved but I am still leaking! I am terrified of having the TVT done as have read the negative reviews on the internet and I really do not want another invasive operation as had traumatic birth (forcepts/episiotomy). The hospital have advised that the PF exercises would have worked after 12 weeks so I need to think seriously about the TVT and make a decision ASAP otherwise I will need to be discharged (hospital has a limited time to do this otherwise I am discharged and if change my mind back on the waiting list again). Has anyone has this operation in the UK that can advise?, was it worth it?, what was recovery like?. I really appreciate any views/advice/tips. Thank you so much for reading

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