Things to do on a Monday and Friday?

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Cosmosis Wed 09-May-12 12:47:48

Hi, I’m about to go part-time and will be free on Mondays and Fridays. DS is 20m and so I’m looking for (cheapish grin ) things to do. We are in LS17 and I have already seen there is a playgroup in Shadwell on a Monday so we’ll try that, and a stay and play at Alwoodley Childrens Centre on a Friday, just wondered if anyone can recommend anything else? Or would want to meet up?

Social2Active Thu 31-May-12 09:53:40

Hi, I don't know if you can be child free or not but there's a new social tennis starting at Meanwood Park on 15th June. It will run 9 - 10.30am, but if you've got to drop kids off somewhere I don't think it would matter if you were a bit late. It's not there as a serious session, but a chance for mums etc to meet new people, have a laugh doing something new. No playing ability required!

mistlethrush Thu 31-May-12 10:00:32

I used to do a really nice coffee morning in the Headingley/ West park area that went to different people's houses most weeks - I believe that they go to Headingley Children's Centre once a month. I know when I was in it they had people from Alwoodley and Adel going to it, so you don't need to be IN Headingley etc to take part. Details on the NCT website (you don't need to be a member and in my time there was no drum banging on any subject).

We also did a really nice music group in Headingley on a Friday - BeeSharp - it was really nice because it wasn't a formula-led franchise, there was plenty of time allowed and space for allowance to be made for what was going on wiht the children in the room rather than pressure to fit in the timetabled songs in the 30 mins together with a turnround for the next class.

Cosmosis Wed 06-Jun-12 12:37:25

thanks! I won't be childfree social, but thanks for the suggestion smile I've seen ads for that Beesharp group mistle, so good to know it's worth a try. I'll check out the coffee morning too.

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