Thinking about moving to Wetherby

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MillieHawkes Tue 17-Apr-12 10:27:29

Hi, I wondered if anyone could give me some info on the Wetherby area? Is it a nice place to live? We have looked at Boston Spa, which is lovely. Someone mentioned that they thought it was a retirement area? But I thought not with the number of schools.
I appreciate any info as we are not from the area smile

ClaireHV Mon 30-Apr-12 15:21:57

Hi Millie,
My husband and I moved to Wetherby from Leeds last August and really like it. We chose to move here as we wanted somewhere smaller but still with lots of amenities that I could walk to and I haven't regreted it. The town centre is nice with local shops and a supermarket. I joined a local boot camo exercise class and everyone was really friendly. i suppose you get out of somewhere what you put in. I think the schools are supposed to be good and that was part of the reason for moving although am only due our first baby in September we wanted this to be a long term move.
Good luck with everything

MildredHubblesCat Tue 24-Jul-12 22:16:14

Realise this is probably a bit late but I live near Wetherby and it is not a retirement place at all! There are loads of families and children and loads to do. It is a really nice place, we moved from Leeds 3 years ago and havent looked back. The kids have made loads of friends and we have met loads of nice people. The schools are lovely (well primary I dont know about secondary yet!) You are still close enough to Leeds or Harrogate so that you can get a city hit when you need it but then you have the lovely semi-rural place to live. I love it wink

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