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njerifergie Thu 12-Jan-12 16:01:32

Hi, I am just wondering if I could get help finding a perfect home for me n my lil girl,I want to move to Leeds in summer but I don't know Leeds very well, I am looking for somewhere with good local school, easy public transport to Leeds town, don't mind like 40 to an hour distance to city centre,Ideally looking for an area with a very good school.. Help pls xx

fluffyanimal Thu 12-Jan-12 16:06:56

Hi, if you want to live actually within Leeds then stick to west and north of the city, e.g. areas like Horsforth, Rawcliff, Rodley, Cookridge, Lawnswood, Roundhay. I don't know the schools well as I live outside Leeds myself, but I think Lawnswood School and Roundhay College are good secondary schools. If you don't mind living outside the city, then Garforth is nice, affordable with good schools and on a train line about 15 minutes from the centre, its neighbouring villages are nice too.

DawnOfTheDee Thu 12-Jan-12 16:08:00

North Leeds has some very good schools - would look into places like Roundhay, Chapel Allerton, etc. They're close the city centre (15mins by car, 30mins bus?) but also very near some lovely parks and not far to go to get out into the countryside.

njerifergie Sat 14-Jan-12 15:50:58

Thanks a lot for ur help

njerifergie Sat 14-Jan-12 15:51:23

Thnx alot Xxxx

Feenie Sat 14-Jan-12 15:53:59

Would second all of the above and add Meanwood and Headingley for very good schools close to town.

Feenie Sat 14-Jan-12 15:55:26

Lawnswood were in special measures recently, fluffyanimal. They have a brand new and dynamic whizzy head how though, so who knows what will happen.

fluffyanimal Sat 14-Jan-12 19:23:03

Didn't know that about Lawnswood Feenie. OP, Headingley can be rather overrun with students, especially the nearer the town centre you go. But Far Headingley and the Weetwood end of it are OK.

Iizzyb Thu 21-Jun-12 19:11:15

Hi just adding to fluffyanimal's suggestion, Colton is a lovely village not far from Garforth and within walking distance of Temple Newsam - worth a look if you like to see some green as you set off for work in the mornings!

Limpetsmum Fri 22-Jun-12 23:21:17

The nicer area of Leeds are north of the ring road but they are pricier.
Horsforth has very good schools and as you continue east along the north of Leeds you remain in the good school and nice areAs. Other places to consider are round hay, adel, alwoodley, shadwell.

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