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Iizzyb Thu 21-Jun-12 19:16:19

Hi I'm due in October and have booked the Garforth antenatal classes too but in September. I know there's also aqua natal at Garforth holiday inn and rothwell sports centre but not tried anything yet. Looking forward to meeting some mums locally

jackella21 Thu 03-Nov-11 20:54:33

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

sunshineoutdoors Sat 25-Jun-11 12:16:49

Thanks, I have booked on the antenatal classes CatieMay they look like good value and a good way to meet people.

Julia it's getting close for both of us now!

CatieMay Wed 25-May-11 14:25:56

Garforth Children's Centre now offer Antenatal Classes if you want to meet people that way. You have to pay but much less than other private classes.

cliffordy Tue 08-Mar-11 12:27:59

Sorry meant to post does anyone know of any childminders or nannies that are available and do the St Benedicts School run?

cliffordy Tue 08-Mar-11 12:26:44

Does anyone knowof any childmonders of nannies in the area that can do St Benedicts School run?

juliabaker Tue 08-Mar-11 09:19:53

Hello, I live in Garforth, been here about 4 years now, and expecting first child mid sept. Not sure about any support groups yet, but if you ever want to meet up for a chat at any point then just let me know!

timetosmile Thu 17-Feb-11 23:03:36

I think Kippax Leisure centre does aquanatal?
Baraka's is always full of mums and tots!
As far as mum/toddler groups etc go, there used to be (may still be) a baby cafe thing at St benedicts church, good toddler groups on at least Tues,Wed, Thurs, (free hot buttered toast on Weds!) though mine are through that stage now.
Ask one of the HV's at the children's centre, they usually have a photocopied list of what's on where and contact no'sGood luck with the pregnancy!

sunshineoutdoors Tue 08-Feb-11 19:28:44

thankyou smile

practicallyimperfect Tue 08-Feb-11 07:08:22

Part of the secondary school, now academy.

sunshineoutdoors Tue 08-Feb-11 06:43:04

Thanks! I'll pop and have a look...whereabouts is it?

practicallyimperfect Mon 07-Feb-11 16:50:52

I live near here and spend most of my time in garforth. The children's centre is excellent and runs some great groups.

sunshineoutdoors Mon 07-Feb-11 16:45:59

Hi, I've lived in Garforth for about a year and a half, work in Leeds and have not really met anyone here. I'm pregnant with my first child and due in August..... are there any good groups/places to go to meet people?

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