meeting up in lancaster/morecambe

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littlemisspregnant Wed 05-May-10 00:45:36

This board does not look very popular, very few posts!

Anyway I am 33, just over half way through my first pregnancy and looking for local people who are pregnant or have children to meet up for a coffee and chat. I am local but appear to have avoided my pregnant friends and taken very little interest in babies until now!

Rather worried about being a mum, its so scary!

BionicEar Tue 25-May-10 19:41:58


Welcome to the world of motherhood!

It's scary to think about becoming a Mummy but you'll be fine.

I'm also local to Lancaster. Have a 5yrs DD and am almost 18 weeks into pregnancy, so a wee bit behind you.r
If you're still checking the board and want to meet up, I'll be happy to meet and reassure you that Mummyhood isn't that scary really! smile

Can also give you some info on what's available out there locally for Mummies and babies etc.

xMrsSx Sun 06-Jun-10 16:26:45

I'm 30 and 20+2, would be interested in joining you littlemiss though I am about a month behind you! Also number 1 for me!! confused

careylouwho Mon 16-Aug-10 14:19:07

Hey ladies,

Sorry I realise this was awhile ago now but I just thought I'd say hello. I'm 33 and 18 weeks pregnant (due mid-January). I'd like to meet some other mums-to-be in the area.

Hope your pregnancies are progressing well!

louaustin Fri 12-Nov-10 16:08:54

Hi I am assuming you have had your baby now and not too sure whether you met up with anyone as a result of your message. I live south of Lancaster and had a baby at the beginning of September and am interested in meeting up with other local mums.

Katie67 Sun 09-Jan-11 22:53:17


just joined this site as I have been using babycentre throughout my pregnancy and birth.
I live in lancaster and had my first baby in May this year.

free to meet for coffee anytime

Malachite Sat 22-Jan-11 12:41:54


I'm another first time mum. I had my baby last summer. I'd be happy to meet for coffee sometime. It would be good to meet some other local mums.

twalshy Sun 06-Feb-11 07:57:58

Hiya, I'm new to mums net. I am a stay at home mum with 2 boys of 3 and 1. I live south Lancaster but do drive. Would be happy to meet for a coffee and chat.

RalphGnu Mon 21-Mar-11 11:44:34

Hi everyone, I'm 32 and have a 15 month old son. I live and work in Morecambe. If you want to meet up, I'm up for it!

Malachite Tue 22-Mar-11 15:11:19

Ok let's organise a little meet up. Can anyone suggest a baby/pram friendly place in Lancaster or Morecambe?

GrumpyBear Wed 30-Mar-11 21:29:14

Theres the Brewers Fayre, cottoms field in Lancaster, it's a sort of Wetherspoons but with a soft play area. I have been there it was quite nice and there was plenty of room for people.

Theres also a Mums and Tots swimming session at the Capernwray Swimming pool on a Tuesday morning thats quite nice.

There is also a soft play thing called fun for kids in Kendal as well (though this may be a bit far).


Tinwe Sat 23-Apr-11 09:08:04

Hiya! I've just had my first, a baby girl and would love to meet some other mums near Lancaster. I'm actually South Lancaster but will travel. She only appeared on Tuesday and was a bit early though so I'd like a bit of time first to adjust and enjoy DHs paternity leave. Would anyone like to meet in up in May?

Malachite Fri 29-Apr-11 06:55:57

Sorry, lost this thread for a bit! The Brewers Fayre sounds like a good place to meet and May is fine with me. How about the week beginning the 16th May? Would that be after paternity leave is finished Tinwe?

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