Anyone else got their driving test tomorrow???

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scoopmuckanddizzy Tue 16-Oct-07 20:32:12

I really really really want to pass!!!

mumtwo1 Tue 11-Dec-07 15:29:38

Hi all

My name is Nickie and we have recently moved to worsthorne and would really like to meet some mums in the area. We have a little girl Grace 19 months, she would really like to meet some new friends as she is very bored with her mummy now.

scoopmuckanddizzy Fri 18-Jan-08 19:29:45

Hiya Nickie, I've not looked here for ages so just seen your message. I also live in Burnley, I have a dd 27 months if you fancy a meet up? Will keep checking back.

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