Where are the best places to live in Lancaster?

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benson76 Mon 18-Apr-16 21:20:54


We are relocating to Lancaster in July, it's all happened very suddenly and we need to decide where to live. My husband has a job at Lancaster Uni and we have 3 young kids and so we want to be pretty close to the university. And that is all I know!

Obvious choices seem to be either somewhere in the city - if anyone can give us advise on good / safe and nice looking areas I will be very grateful because I haven't managed to find anything much online so far. Or a nearby village, I've seen Galgate and Garstang but am not sure about either. Garstang looks lovely but we will be renting and I'm not sure how many options there will be for accommodation.

Anyway, any tips anyone can give me will be really appreciated.

Also my oldest will be starting school, so any advise there will also be gratefully received!

Thanks a million...

SpecialStains Fri 13-May-16 12:56:40


I live in Lancaster itself, and really appreciate being able to walk everywhere and have everything on my doorstep. If you are looking to buy, there's lots of new builds which are very nice, along the Quayside and up near the Ashton Memorial (we've recently bought and so have spent lots of time looking!). Our search area included Aldcliffe, Scotforth, around the Ashton Memorial (though that hill would be a pain with a buggy!) and the Quayside. Avoid anywhere on the Marsh or Bulk estates. Lots of good schools in Lancaster, so I wouldn't worry too much about that.

Galgate is ok, and primary school there is very sweet, but it's on the road between the southbound M6 exit and the town centre so I wouldn't live there personally. If you haven't considered it already, Halton is a lovely little village with a nice feel to it, and again a good primary school. Lots of community stuff going on there.

PM me if you have any more questions. Hope the move goes smoothly.


SpecialStains Fri 13-May-16 12:59:39

Also, I'd stick to south of the river. We used to live in Skerton (for three years while we saved for a house deposit). There is a reason it's so much cheaper than the houses just across the Lune! Morecambe has nice parts, is much cheaper and has a good cycle track to Lancaster, but traffic is awful at peak times so if your DH drives I would avoid.

BobbinThreadbare123 Sat 04-Jun-16 19:23:52

I've lived in Lancaster a very long time, in Greaves and in Freehold. Both are lovely. All my friends with children live in Bowerham because apparently the primary schools are good. Agree with SpecialStains about sticking south of the river. There's a lot to rent in Lancaster too.

Lancaster is safe, you've got two motorway junctions, Lakes and Trough of Bowland on the doorstep; people who come for uni tend to stay!

chocolateshoes Sat 04-Jun-16 21:15:55

I live in the Lune Valley to the east if Lancaster, but have lived in Kacaster itself & work there.
I would agree that you should def avoid the northern side of the bridge - ie Skerton and Morecambe areas.
The new builds around Williamsons Park seem good. A nice area to rent is Freehold( Windemere Rd for example) as you're close to city centre and there's a good community around there. I'd avoid Dales St area as that is mainly student rentals so could be noisy.

AddlestoneReVampPlease Sun 05-Jun-16 17:33:12

I would avoid the new houses on quayside river view just because of what I expect the traffic to be like... this may be less of an issue if you are renting but be aware during busy periods it would mean having to go around the one way system and as more houses are finished and lived in I think it will get more and more time consuming!!!

I live in the Scotforth/Bowerham area and very happy here, ironically most of the DC activities are north of the river so I still spend an awful lot of time stuck in the traffic in the evenings hmm

Lancasterlass Sun 05-Jun-16 20:52:42

We are a one-uni, one-commuter family and live near the station. It opens up Preston, Manchester and Liverpool and we know several families who do this (and two who do Birmingham but WFH as much as possible, both also Uni people but most of the commuters we know don't do that.
Quayside will also not be in much of a catchment area for the close schools - you'll be allocated the expanding school which is about 3 miles or more.
We also like being able to walk to town. Agree about the traffic in Galgate.

Kazzyhoward Mon 12-Jun-17 12:45:41

I know it's an old thread, but for anyone still interested, Bolton Le Sands is very well placed. It's a very large village with plenty of amenities such as outstanding primary school, churches, shops, GP surgery and restaurants, sea views, picturesque canal etc. With the new Morecambe by-pass, which you can join at Beaumont (near Slyne), it's very quick and easy to the motorway which gets you to the University and beyond to Preston etc very easily. Public transport is also good with regular buses to/from Lancaster centre (10-20 minutes depending on route), and the canal footpath takes you into the heart of Lancaster on an easy level cycle track.

DawnCalls Mon 12-Jun-17 22:17:48

I live in Halton, and lots of uni-employed people live in Halton, Caton, Brookhouse or south lancaster (Scotforth, freehold, bowerham). There's lots of good advice here and i agree with avoiding slyne and north of the river. I prefer a quieter location and we moved from Scotforth to Halton but lancaster in general is a lovely place to live I've found.

Kazzyhoward Tue 13-Jun-17 12:21:03

i agree with avoiding slyne and north of the river

The new bridge and by-pass has really changed things "north of the river" as people now now avoid Lancaster's awful one way system and the two congested bridges. It's only been open a few months, so the full benefits aren't yet realised by all those "South" of the river who avoid the North, Morecambe, Heysham, Carnforth, etc. I work with a few shops and other businesses in Morecambe and they're all now a lot busier now that the traffic congestion has been eased. A couple of local estate agent friends have also said that there's a lot more interest in the relative cheaper housing in Morecambe and Heysham, and that some very slow moving houses in Slyne and Hest Bank have started to move.

GinFirstQuestionsLater Wed 19-Jul-17 14:25:19

I live north side of the river and now that the bay gateway is open, its brilliant. A few mins to the motorway and if you need to cross the bridges, it takes minutes rather than hours like it used to. You get a lot more house for your money, usually with a garden rather than a yard too.

Before the gateway opened, I often had regret days as I sat in the traffic, but I bought my house with a long game in mind and its fab now grin

fourcorneredcircle Wed 19-Jul-17 18:51:04

I'm north of the river too - huge house yes, bragging, low mortgage and two minutes from the beach. Can't go wrong. Morecambe gets a bad rep and I know bits of it are very run down... but... erm, just don't buy there?! It's hardly a Rio Favela.

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