I've discovered how to take your kids out for free!

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nuggy Tue 18-Nov-14 16:57:35

I've recently signed up to a company (for free) called The Mystery Dining Company. You basically get to go out on visits and get money back for giving feedback on the experience. I did a visit to a soft play centre in Morecambe (a Wacky Warehouse called Station Promenade) and I got my entrance fee paid, plus an allowance for food and drink for me and my 3yr old. You have to fill out a questionnaire afterwards, but I figured it was worth it for a free morning out with lunch! It was good and can recommend! I think they've got quite a few of these visits for children in the area too.

doncasterhopeful Sun 07-Dec-14 22:28:42

This seems interesting. Have you got the money back yet? Did you get it quickly? Tell me more about how it works, please?

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