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frazzledby3 Wed 16-Mar-11 13:41:44

I really want to find other families in the area who have au pairs so that we can set up a local au pair network. We're on our 3rd au pair and its great but apart from college in Preston I am struggling to find ways to help them to meet people their own age. Our au pairs have all been female and around 20 years old from various European countries. They are usually with us for about 5 months. I think it would be great if there was some sort of au pair network for them to tap into when they arrive in the hope of making friends with people who are having a similar experience. So if you have, or know anyone who has au pairs, I would be really interested in getting in touch. Otherwise, does anyone have any suggestions or information on 'youth groups' that they could join? This is making me feel so old!

diana86 Mon 02-May-11 19:38:25

Hiii my name is diana, I´m spanish and in july I´ll be aupair in lytham st annes. In this moment I don´t know anybody and I´m interested in meet somebody for when I arrive. you can give my email for your aupair and she can write me and we could be friends

see you smile

Migsy1 Mon 19-Sep-11 17:46:54

I live in Manchester and have a Hungarian au pair. She has not yet met anyone her own age and I would be interested in joining an au pair network. It would be good for both the au pairs and the host families so that we can compare notes and share information. Feel free to message me.

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