Relocating to Lytham? Any advice?

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sunnydaylucy Sun 20-Feb-11 22:24:06

Hi there
The 5 of us (me, OH, 3DD's aged 3,6&8) are looking to relocate with hubby's job. He will be working out of Fleetwood so we are looking in the Lytham area. The schools do look good in the areas we've looked at (the girls are baptised Catholic & in a Catholic school at the moment).
Any advice would be gratefully received regarding areas to live/schools etc as I am unsure where to start!!
Many thanks
Andrea x

purepurple Sun 27-Feb-11 12:36:55

Hi, have answered your other post, so thought I would answer this one too.
Lytham St Annes is a lovely place to live. House prices are dearer in Lytham than St Annes. Prices are cheaper in Blackpool but Blackpool is a deprived area, although there are some nice areas, such as near Stanley Park.
Lytham and St Annes, and Ansdell, which is between the 2, are quieter than Blackpool, there is no cinema, for example but everywhere is within easy reach as there are good transport networks.

Curleysue Tue 20-Mar-12 21:27:51

Hi, just wondering how you got on with your move to Lytham? We are moving into the area and have boys that we hope to get into a catholic school. The two catholic schools seem to be of full capacity though. Would be interested in hearing if you got your girls in one and how you are finding living in the area.

sunnydaylucy Mon 04-Feb-13 13:08:30

Hi Sue, I am sorry I didn't reply to your message. We didn't end up moving to Lytham, we really struggled with finding schools that had vacancies in the area we wanted to live, as you have found :-) We were only offered schools that were in special measures at the time so had to rethink our move. We moved to Garstang in Dec 2011, great schools, great people and a lovely place to live. Hubbie would still prefer to be in Lytham, (nearer the sea!) but we have settled here well.
Would love to hear if you managed it?
All the best.

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