Any playgroups or similar near SW2 on a Friday?

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cupcake75 Fri 25-Jun-10 20:24:59

I've recently moved to the area, having had my DD (now 13 months) in another city. As a result I know no local mothers. I'm back at work Monday-Thursday and was hoping to find a local toddler group or similar that runs on Friday so I could hopefully meet some new people. Anyone know of any they'd recommend?

BarkisIsWilling Sat 10-Jul-10 18:34:15

Have you tried the one o'clock club in Broackwell Park?

Also, contact the Lambeth Family Information Service or look them up on They will have info for you.

cupcake75 Fri 23-Jul-10 19:07:24

Not yet as events always seem to intervene. But might give that a go next week. Thanks

thomsc Sat 24-Jul-10 00:02:41

There's a Parent & Toddlers group at Corpus Christi church hall on Friday mornings (term time only I think). It's on trent Road just off Brixton Hill down near the Junction with Brixton Water Lane, near Allied Carpets.

I think it starts around 0945. I've not been to the Friday one for a while so I'm not sure. Usually quite busy, but very friendly etc.

I'd recommend the One o'Clock Club in the park too, 1-4 on a Friday. They also have a session for babies and younger toddlers on Friday morning, 10-12.

sachie Wed 28-Jul-10 23:57:29


I have a 7month year old and also am looking for a babies and parent kind of group, I have been finding it difficult to find a suitable one in the SW2 area

londondee Sat 07-Aug-10 20:54:04

Which side of SW2 are you living? Tulse Hill side or closer to Balham side of Streatham Hill? It seems to be quite a large postcode area, so you may not be wanting to walk a long way to the other side of the postcode area smile

I received a list of groups from the staff at Gracefield Gardens, but it was about 8 months ago and I'm not sure if the info is still relevant.

Friday events:

9.30-11.30 Bumps and Babes, St Faiths small hall SE24 (Dulwich)

STay and Play, Woodmansterne Childrens Centre Stockport Rd, SW16

Weir Link Social Club, Weir Road, Clapham Park

1 o clock clubs in
-Tooting Common
- Hillside Gardens (at the top of the ABC roads)
- Brockwell Park
- Streatham Vale Park (Abercairn Road)
- Agnes Riley Gardens, Clapham Park
- Stay and Play, Jessop Childrens Centre, Lowden Rd Brixton

There is a Messy Play group when your little one is 18 months, at Streatham Hub Childrens Centre, 2pm-3.30pm

cupcake75 Sun 22-Aug-10 09:05:27

Thanks londondee. That's a great list. I'm very close to the Streatham Hill end of SW2 so quite a few look relevant.

londondee Tue 31-Aug-10 22:42:28

Hi, I'm in the same area. My regular groups are in Balham (just a short walk through the park) - 1 o clock club in the park which is fun, and also the Wriggle and Rhyme session at Balham Library (9.30am and 2.45pm on Tuesdays - get there early as very busy!.

If you'd like to attend a session with a religious theme, there is a 'Prayers and Bears' session at St Thomas's church Salford Road (intersection with Telford Rd), very well attended (although I've never been, but heard about it). That's on Wednesdays 10am

There is a group on Monday mornings, i think it's 10.30am on Mondays, at the English Martyr's Church, cnr of Mitcham Lane/Gardens area. There is a £1.50 fee. I have been a few times, but it clashes with naps so I dont go often smile

Also a popular and nice intimate group at the school in Sunnyhill Rd. If you are able to walk up that way (road after the police station in STreatham, then right to top) I will try to find details for you.

Lilolee Tue 18-Jan-11 23:35:49

Would also recommend a playgroup at St Margarets church Hall off Faygate road in streatham hill (off the ABC roads) it's in wednesdays and Fridays 10-12. Really nice to meet local mums and have a cuppa. Heaps of toys provided for all age groups.

Principle Sun 17-Apr-11 10:32:53

Hi there is the Playgroup still open at st margarets im new to area with 8month old baby and would love to meet some new people

HelenML Tue 30-Oct-12 20:14:01

I have recently discovered a lovely toddler group on Friday mornings (10 - 12) at All Nations Church, Poynders Road, SW4 8NY. There is lots of space for toddlers to play and the lady who runs the group is really friendly. For £1.50 they even supply hot drinks and a croissant for the adults, and snacks for the kids. I would thoroughly recommend a visit.

rubyrhymes Tue 13-Nov-12 00:08:03

Hi honey,

email me and i will let you know when i start up my Friday Rhymes.

at the moment I am running drop-in sessions for babies and young children in Brixton, Streatham and Herne Hill Monday to Thursday.

CarveHerNameWithPride Tue 13-Nov-12 00:28:17

<waves at Ruby in slightly mad fashion>
Hi Jane! DD and DS are both Ruby Rhymes graduates from ten years ago, at the old PAPA group, nice to see you here.

rubyrhymes Sun 18-Nov-12 01:00:56


I am starting a new Ruby Rhymes drop-in music for babies and toddlers 0-5 years this Friday Nov 23rd.

10.30am-11.20am includes organic juice and biccies.

Venue The Brix at St Matthews
St Matthews Church
Brixton Hill

no need to enrol, turn up and join in.

£5 per family £3 unwaged.

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