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Bridie321 Thu 27-Aug-09 11:34:37

Dear all

My baby is now 20 weeks and we're thinking (very late I know) about childcare for when I go back to work (NHS Speech and Language Therapist) possibly in Jan.

Just wondered if there were any other mums in Herne Hill at a similar stage or if anyone has advice re. child minders/nursery.

I'm also thinking about setting up as a childminder when I go back to work part time or even doing a child care share but wouldn't know where to start. Any experiences?

All very vague I know!



omaoma Wed 02-Sep-09 10:45:26

Hi Bridie
I'm trying to find a nursery or childminder for 2 days/week in Jan in Herne Hill area - daughter's currently 7.5 mths and will be one then. Currently muddling through online lists of nurseries and will have to start trawling the childminder one from the council... it does my head in slightly to be honest (it all gets a bit competitive, doesn't it?!) and seems to be taking me ages. This is partially because I actually have to find myself a new job first (recently redundant) but am aware like you that you have to get moving on these things! Would love to share experiences/thoughts and look at options, as will help me stay focussed - i def want to find somewhere lovely for her. (In my head we just stay at home playing forever and ever... but in reality the money will run out at some point and I will probably go mad!)

Bridie321 Thu 24-Sep-09 10:17:52

Hi there

So sorry I have only just got back to you!

How are you going with nursery/childminder hunt? Let me know if you ever want to meet up and discuss over coffee in Herne Hill!



omaoma Fri 02-Oct-09 10:40:46

hi bridie - my turn to apologise now! hadn't checked the thread for a while. hope i haven't missed you.

i've started going through the list of childminders from the council (most of my preferred options have given up the job/are full so far!) and have arranged 3 more nursery visits. i've also found a childminder nearby in tulse hill who has the odd thursday free to do ad hoc days which i'm starting to use next week to cover a work meeting... let's def met for coffee - at the very least i can tell you which names on the childminder list are not available which might save you some time! we're around next wed 7th or fri 9th oct?

Lou (omaoma)

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