3 kids under 5.....Herne Hill mum needs a friend or two!

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Crammy Mon 10-Aug-09 05:14:40

Help I'm going nuts! Need to meet mums/dads in similar situ. to share this roller coaster ride! Anyone else feeling isolated?? (hmm)

twolittlekings Wed 26-Aug-09 11:00:56

Hi Crammy

I have 2 - DS1 = 4 and Ds2 = 5 weeks. DS1 will be at school from next week (am I a bad mother when I admit that I amlooking forward to this?) so will only have DS2 in the week. Still would always be up for meeting - I am slightly over in Streatham Hill but Dulwich park is good and DS 1 goes to school in Dulwich. There are also lots of good one o'clock clubs around that while away the long afternoons until bedtime!

dinster Wed 26-Aug-09 11:19:33

Hi. I just have the one - 4 months, so can't be brilliant on the 3-under-5 thing, but am around and will gladly sympathise! I'm up near Loughborough Jctn, about 10 mins from Herne Hill.

thomsc Sun 30-Aug-09 22:50:15

Hello there,

SAHD here. I have two = DS1 almost 3 and DS2 8 months.

I live up near Brockwell Park, in Poets' Corner. Always up for a coffee or a walk round the park / playground etc.

I'm quite often to be found at the One o'clock club thing too.

DS1 is at nursery Mon, Thurs and Fri.

Hope to see you around.

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