expecting in Brixton?

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sailors Wed 29-Jul-09 21:00:55

I'm living off Brixton Hill, expecting first baby in February. Has anyone tried the NCT classes in Brix/Herne Hill? Great to hear if they're any good, and any other tips for pregnant women in the area. Thanks!

jennylindinha Wed 29-Jul-09 21:24:47

Hi, I had my DD last October and went to NCT classes in Brixton in August, run by a lady called Maria. Very good and informative but also great fun and I still meet up with most of the other mums & babies weekly! Would definitely recommend them.

There are also some great pregnancy and postnatal yoga classes at the Brockwell lido run by the Sitaram Partnership.

Just enjoy your pregnancy and make the most of your time before the baby comes...
Best of luck and congratulations! smile

sailors Thu 30-Jul-09 18:14:00

Thank you! Will do.

dogrilla Wed 19-Aug-09 11:54:03

Hello, I also live off Brixton Hill and am expecting first baby at the end of January! Not signed up for anything yet, but thinking of doing the SW2 NCT weekend course.

Are you having your baby at King's?

knitcorner Tue 15-Sep-09 14:42:28

Hi Sailors

A friend did the NCT course in Brixton as she couldn't get on the Herne Hill one and thoroughly recommends it.

I'm due in February too and just signed up for the Herne Hill classes on Wednesday evening - see you there?

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