Pilates class or teacher recommendation for SW12 & surrounds

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EldonAve Wed 15-Apr-09 20:05:44

Any suggestions? I've been googling but not getting very far

deedar Wed 22-Apr-09 14:33:39

I've been going to Julia who works at pilates sanctuary for a few years or so now -http://www.balancephysio.com/whatwedo/111/pilates
It may be too far out of your way as it's right by clapham north tube but she's great and really knows her stuff. She also does special pre- and post-natal classes which are nice and gentle. I can't recommend her highly enough (even though I am now way too pregnant to go anymore)!

EldonAve Thu 23-Apr-09 14:17:23

Thank you! How do you book?

Blu Thu 23-Apr-09 14:22:51

The gym at the Lido on Brockwell Park seems to do a range of pilates classes, also swiss Ball, and different types of yoga and other 'holistic' classes. It's very nice there - you have to join, but then you can use the gym (I think - although they may do independent pilates classes), jaccuzzi and the lido.

There is also somewhere called the Secret Retreat in Norbury park - a beautiful building in what is really an extension of Streatham Common.

Neither in SW12 - but not that far!

EldonAve Fri 24-Apr-09 21:47:20

Thanks Blu

I have heard about the secret retreat

sharmie Thu 04-Jun-09 20:44:27

Hi there, I am desperately looking for a challenging exercise class that I can attend with my baby who is 6 months old! Have done baby yoga and although good, found it limiting as it was for post-natal women in the first few months after birth.

I am in the clapham/brixton area.

Please help!

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