Summer activities for 3 year old in SW London?

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TheBlonde Mon 09-Jun-08 07:41:17

Does anyone know of any classes/activities that will be running over the summer?
I'm looking for Balham/Clapham/Tooting area

peasoup Sat 28-Jun-08 13:25:59

Salsa Tots- Went to the free trial class a few weeks ago and it was fantastic. At Garfield Commmunity Centre which is Clapham Common North side on garfield rd. or 07846994063.
If you hear of any others let me know as I'm in same boat (Clapham with a 3 year old smile
A few Mum and Toddler groups are running over the summer too; is that of any interest to you? Also there's a Teddy Bears picnic at st. pauls Church rectory grove SW4 on July 15th about 1 o'clock, probably very small scale but I'm thinking of going grin
I guess the libraries might still run their story time sessions over the summer but I find them unbearable.

TheBlonde Sat 28-Jun-08 14:24:39

hi peasoup
amandas action kids is running over the summer at the bandstand on clapham common

tin pan annie are doing some classes

I have a similar thread going in Wandsworth too

tatty33 Sat 28-Jun-08 19:01:21

I picked up a flier from Wandswoth council's early years centre and they have lots of activites on, most days have something. Maybe call cis for info?

*peasoup) which mother and toddler groups are going to continue over the summer, would be very keen to find more to do with my 18 month

peasoup Sat 28-Jun-08 19:43:36

Mum and Toddlers at St. John's Church, Clapham High Street (just by Clapham North tube) is running all summer though they may close for August only. Wednesdays at 10 till 12.
St. Pauls Church Hall, rectory Grove SW4 is Thursday at 9:45 till 11:45 but will stop around mid July.
Don't know if the others stop for summer. there's Trity Church on the common on Wednesday morning and one at Battersea Arts Centre on Monday about 9:30 am in the Lower HaLL (entrance at the very back of the building) but as I say I'm not sure if they stop for the summer or not.

1dilemma Sat 28-Jun-08 22:50:41

Isn't garfield comm centre closing or have I got that wrong?
No funding I thought

don't forget the Lido

TheBlonde Sun 29-Jun-08 07:50:44

yeah the tin pan annie stuff says garfield will be closing
no doubt the salsa folk will find another venue

I had thought about the lido - only 2 downsides , the risk of getting all your stuff nicked due to the lack of lockers and how do I manage 2 kids at the same time!!!

1dilemma Sun 29-Jun-08 22:21:29

just paddle!DIdi you get all my holiday ideas? Any good?
I'm the hiliday queen grin
I wish

peasoup Mon 30-Jun-08 09:58:57

1dilemma Did i miss all your holiday ideas? Where did you post them?

1dilemma Sun 03-Aug-08 22:46:28

sorry peasoup you missed nothing

TheBlonde and I are acquainted IRL she was looking for suggestions, I gave her loads she used none of them!!!

they were going away ideas not others.

How come you are the local playgroup Queen do you go to them all? grin

There is arts and crafts at Tooting leisure centre tomorrow PM and surestart swimming after but you may have to book the swimming

peasoup Tue 12-Aug-08 00:36:13

Hi 1dilemma, I wonder what your one dilemma is? I appear to have several grin
I'm hoping I'm not the Playgroup Queen; that would be too sad indeed. But I guess I have popped into all of them mentioned above at least once at some stage or other over the past two years of wandering around Clapham with a toddler.
Only just saw your post today so the Arts and Crafts at Tooting is long gone.

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