where are all the babies?

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mobo Thu 27-Sep-07 21:41:29

Hi, i've recently moved to Upper Norwood and have been looking for baby groups to take my 5-month-old to. I've tried a couple of the toddler groups around Crystal Palace but they have very few (if any) babies so it's been hard for either of us to make friends. Where can I find the mums and babies?

Cecr Thu 04-Oct-07 17:15:43

Know exactly what you mean- I have 3 month old twins and have been pounding the pavements around brixton for the last 10 weeks thinking that i'd just 'come across' something- but nothing! would really like to find some more mums in the area to contact etc.

will post anything i find up, if anyone knows of anywhere thats good to go to meet others, i would really appreciate to know about it.

cheers cecr

swampster Fri 05-Oct-07 22:01:18

I don't know Upper Norwood at all, but for Brixton head straight to Brockwell Park One O'clock Club (they also do some morning sessions), the playground just next to it, the duck ponds, the café on top of the hill, or Whippersnappers in the Lido if they are musically inclined (pricey)... Or take your babies to the scream club in the Ritzy Cinema or soft play in Brixton Rec or the library for the baby story and sing-along session. It's so great here that I can't imagine having babies anywhere else!

CrLCC Mon 15-Jun-09 11:44:41

We are a tiny but lovely Children's Centre inside Crown Lane Primay School.

Everyone welcome to visit our general drop-in playgroup on Monday mornings (9.15 onwards) and parents with babies have a time of their own on Monday afternoons (1.30 onwards) where a Midwife will also be available to offer advice/support/general chat and a cup of tea.

Call 020 8761 7139 for more information or just come along; if we are too full we will put your name on a reservation list for the following week.

Look forward to meeting you,
Mary - Manager

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