Bullying by schools

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responsibleparent Thu 30-Mar-17 09:29:13

Does anyone have any need to talk about bullying by head teachers, attendance officers, other members of staff, of parents at primary schools in Lambeth? What I mean by bullying is treating people badly and getting away with it because they have your child with them all day and you don't want them to be unkind to your child. I've had some quite shocking treatment at my child's school - and I'm not the only one.
My child has had two periods of illness this term, and I've been told to 'dose him up and bring him in' to improve the attendance figures. I explained that I do this already when he's able to go in, i.e. able to struggle in with a dose of Calpol etc., at which the head and deputy head then started attacking me over lateness saying that I almost never 'made the line' - when I pointed out that I've never once missed the register and that I've only missed the 'line' by a few minutes on 2 occasions, she dismissed me from her office.
I've discovered this has happened to other parents at the school. I feel powerless to do anything because they've already upset my child by saying to him that if it wasn't for him having time off the class would have received an attendance award at the end of term ceremony. They said this to him in front of the whole class - humiliating and shaming him for being ill.

If anyone has any similar stories or thoughts on this it would be helpful to know - thanks so much.

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