Looking to move to Oval - near Ashmole Estate?

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Jessica28 Sun 21-Aug-16 12:17:35

Hi everyone, my husband has just got a new job which is exactly the opposite end of London vs my job ( North East his, South West mine) so we are considering a move from Kingston to somewhere more central that's on the northern line.

We found some flats near the Kia Oval, but I am worried about this large estate just nearby. We see that it's undergoing a 'regeneration' so we are unsure what that means? Is it a council estate or privately owned?

Also, if anyone is familiar with Oval or has ideas for reasonable areas along the northern line , we would be grateful! We are ideally looking for at least a 2-bed property, more than 1000sq foot. Budget up to 700k.

BrixtonMortar Mon 22-Aug-16 07:50:44

It is a Housing Association estate, we'll run by Metropolitan, and not known for any issues. Ashmole primary school is an excellent school.

Oval is a good area but it doesn't have the same town centre feel as Clapham, not a great choice of shops and restaurants.

Jessica28 Wed 24-Aug-16 17:03:41

Thanks for the information! That's very reassuring! Yes shame about the lack of a town centre and shops, otherwise it would be perfect!

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