The Secret Life of 4 & 5 Year Olds: filming on Sunday 24th July

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LocalEditorLambeth Fri 22-Jul-16 21:43:28

Channel 4 are filming the second series of The Secret Life of 4 & 5 Year Olds, a TV series that will follow four and five year olds across the summer holiday as they grow in independence and prepare to embark on the challenge of going to school - either for the very first time, or into Year One from Reception.

This year the series will be filmed in a school near Shepherds Bush and the production team is looking for a group of 10 children aged between 4 and 5 years old to join us on Sunday 24th July between 11am and 2pm for our camera rehearsal. For the children it will be a playdate and they will get to enjoy the brand new nursery as well as the amazing playground. For the parents it will be a bit of hanging around (sorry!). We will have chaperones and nursery teachers on location and they will look after the children during rehearsals. Parents are welcome to stay in the school hall (without access to the children) where we will have teas and coffees or to drop off the kids and come back later to pick them up.

If you would like to take part, please send your contact details, name and age of your child (children) to

Here is a link to last year's programme:

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